OBIS: Online Banking Is Shit

A JavaScript framework for downloading bank statements in OFX, QIF, CSV, and JSON. Currently supports HSBC UK Personal Banking.

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OBIS can download statements from HSBC UK Personal Banking in a variety of formats. HSBC has historically been very limiting with its download options, and since 2021 only allows PDF downloads of your statements.

That's shit. OBIS can generate a Zip of your statements in OFX, QIF, CSV, and JSON.

Screenshot of HSBC UK parser

Installation / Usage

[ Instructions are available (and kept updated!) on the Github page. ]

OBIS currently supports only HSBC UK, but other parsers are possible. If you like some help in doing that, please post an issue on Github.

Author / License

Copyright (c) 2021 by Conan Theobald

MIT licensed: See LICENSE

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